Management Skills Courses

Many surgeons and physicians get involved in management. A consultant in charge of a surgical unit is in essence a manager. Quality hase also become an integral part of any modern surgical practice. The EGSSR, recognizing these issues, is offering the following training courses in management.

•• Strategic Management

Course objectives

  1. Understand role of strategic planning in health care organizations
  2.  Know basic elements of strategic management plan
  3.  Know how to develop strategic management plan for their organization

•• Total Quality Management

Course objectives

  1. Understand concepts of quality control, assurance and total quality management
  2. Become familiar with the different approaches to quality improvement
  3. Understand concept of audit (clinical and organizational) in healthcare organization
  4. Understand basic requiorements for ISO 9001/2000 in healthcare organizations

•• Improvement Projects

Course objectives

  1. Know how to choose an improvement project
  2. Plan the for the project
  3.  Implement the project

•• Decision Making Skills

Course objectives

  1. Recognize background factors that affect the decision making process
  2. Understand the intuition / analysis approach to decision making
  3. Understand interactive decision making
  4. Understand the role of technology in decision making
  5. Understand the process of decision analysis and analytical decision making
  6. Plan and oversee decision implementation

•• Surgical Audit

Course objectives

  1. Know the role of audit in surgical practice
  2. Know the types and methods of organization audit
  3. Know the types and methods of clinical audit
  4. Develop a checklist for performing an internal audit
  5. Perform a sentinel event audit and root cause analysis