Professional Skills Courses

All courses are designed for surgeons in training and qualified to address the core issues -related to surgical practice and research through group work and on course assignments. The various workshops and their modules can be tailored to run over 1-3 days according to the level required by the participants.

•• Planning and Conducting Audit

Course objectives

  1. Understand the types of audit in medical organizations
  2. Plan and conduct medical audit
  3. Plan and conduct organizational audit

•• Principles of Research Workshop

Course objectives

  1. Identify a research question
  2. Select appropriate research design
  3. Plan and write a research proposal

•• Presentation Skills Workshop

Course objectives

  1. Write an abstract
  2. Prepare an oral presentation
  3. Deliver an oral presentation

•• Medical Writing

Course objectives

  1. Understand the process of medical writing and publishing
  2. Know the structure and style of medical papers and theses
  3. Present and reference data effectively and clearly

•• Ethical Decision-Making

Course objectives

  1. Understand key clinical ethical issues
  2. Diagnose ethical problems in clinical practice
  3. Present ethical-based solutions

•• Evidence-Based Medicine

Course objectives

  1. Enumerate the steps of evidence-based practice
  2. Formulate evidence questions
  3. Obtain best medical evidence
  4. Critically appraise medical evidence

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