January 2012
Mohamed Said, Ahmed Hazem Helmy

Feasibility and outcome of surgical resection of hepatocellular carcinoma
Alaa Abdel-Razek, Samer Bessa, Mohamed Sharaan


Nipple, areola & skin sparing mastectomy; is it oncologically safe procedure in egyptian females
Galal Abou El-Nagah,1 Basma El-Sabaa2


Evaluation of management options for traumatic liver injuries
Hossam Hamdy,2 Maged Mahmoud Nasr,2 Hisham Abou Eisha,1 Omar Sherif,1 Magdy Elsebae2


Pancreatic fistula after pancreatic resection: risk and management
Alaa Abdel-Razek, Khaled Katri, Samer Bessa, Elsaid Elkayal


Role of statins in prevention of infection in hernia mesh repair; prospective study
Galal AbouElNagah,1 Hatem Amin2


Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome: new hope for the patients
Mohamad El-Hemaly, Ahmed El Geidie, Emad Hamdy, Aymen El-Nakeeb, Ehab El Hanafy,  Ehab Atef, Ahmad Sultan, Tharwat Kandil